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Games Arcade Puzzel
Developer: Dynamic Systems Group Limited
0.99 USD

Player immerses in an ancient hidden world where magic is still powerful and dangers await a man at every step of the way. Three valiant warriors embark on the journey to find the Heart of the Earth. Player cannot control them, but… can help heroes in difficult situations. Gameplay is a unique cross between Lemmings and Comix Zone. Using mouse, player can draw objects which can be of help to the three warriors. For instance, drawing a bridge can help them to cross the chasm or a teleport drawn on the wall can see warriors pass straight through it. With every level puzzles become more complex, and the player has to follow closely each of 3 warriors helping them through adventures obstacles.

Unique gameplay
Entertaining and cunning puzzles
7 different spells
35 beautifully drawn levels
Multitude of unique artefacts

Shamanville is not difficult to master and is for players who like to stretch their intuitive thinking and quick reactions. This is a game for all ages — from small children to adults who want a little fun, everyone can enjoy the game alike.